What Is REACH3 App?

Components needed for successfully using REACH3

  • NFC code

    Visitors batches or other item with implemented NFC Code to be scanned.

  • Smartphone

    Visitors and exhibitors with NFC technology. AS an organizer maybe you want to provide NFC able smartphones for free.

  • Questions, Goal/Purpose

    Customize the REACH3 game questions to fit your events purpose. Find a common and attractive goal that also supports your topic and benefits others. This will be the goal the event community collects points for.

Make your event a unique experience

Enhance visitor experience and booth efficiency

  • Provide positive emotional experience
  • Serve the key needs of Visitors and Exhibitors to make contacts
  • Transport event’s key messages

Ensure your Key Messages gets perceived

  • Boost your booths frequency
  • Get visitors involved and provide an additional reason for interest
  • Support your visitors collecting points and provide good mood

Make contacts easier

  • Exchange with other visitors becomes a game
  • More contacts with a smile
  • Thrilling experience to REACH the 3rd level as part of the event community
  • Benefit your individual approaches and a common purpose

What People Say

REACH3 turns events to new community experience.

App Screenshots

Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not find an answer to your question contact us:


Is my personal data anonymous?
Yes. There is NO link between your name and your NFC Chip! REACH3 only stores the nick name you provide.
Who gets the Points when a badge is scanned?
Both persons
Can the badge of a person be scanned several times?
Yes, but you can only assign one point per category. E.g. in the first scan you get points for a smile. In a second scan you cannot get points for a smile with this person, but you can get additional points if you speak about the last book you read or for any others.
Is it possible to customize REACH3 for my event?
Of course, please contact us for further information.
Can I change the quiz questions, the point collection scheme or the common goal for my event?
Yes, it is possible to customize these elements of REACH3 for your event.
Do I need NFC for REACH3 or would work a QR Code in my event?
QR code is possible in your specific event saving cost of labels, but NFC provides ease of use and thus increases the REACH3 impact.
I want to use REACH3 at my event or promote it to other event organizers – whom to contact?
Can I get services to make REACH3 a success at my event?
Yes, we provide service package to optimize REACH3 event impact.

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